Sunday, October 9, 2011

YOGA IMMERSION, PART I is where we went deep into the experience of grounding and sending roots to the earth. We often forget that much of our challenges, both individual and collective, come from the lack of a true and stable foundation as well as the unwillingness to let go of what we’ve collected and built even as we come to realize this problem. It was deeply satisfying to work with a group and together explore what it might mean to be STABLE and WHOLE. 

Now this group is ready to flow and we're all set to begin Part II this coming weekend - Oct. 15-16. We're happy to announce there are several ways you can be a part of the same exploration depending on your interest and availability:

~ TRICK OF THE "I" is a free workshop I will be giving twice on our opening weekend - in GenStudios on Saturday, and in Flow Yoga Studio on Sunday. Click here for more info.

~ For those who do not wish to do the entire 3-Part Course but are interested in taking specific classes from the IMMERSION, check out the modules that may be taken individually with no further commitment to the program. Click here.

Pls send me an email to sign up: See you soon!